Guide to Growing Grapes from Cuttings

If you’re planning to begin your grape growing venture, growing grapes from cuttings is the best way to go. Though you can also choose to grow your grapes with the use of seeds, growing grapes from cuttings gives you the assurance of knowing that the cuttings were taken from a grape vine that has already grown. You would also have an idea of the capability of your vine to bear fruit, as this is comparable to the vine where the cuttings were obtained from.

If you’ve decided on growing grapes from cuttings, the first thing you need to do is obtain the cuttings. It’s a good idea to obtain your cuttings from a healthy, established grape vine that is known for flourishing in your area. This is to ensure that your plants will thrive and are well-suited in your area’s conditions. You can obtain these by asking your local vintners, or going to your local nursery or agricultural center to find out how you can get these vines. These cuttings are usually taken from dormant grape vines that are only a year old.

Then you need to store the cuttings properly until the time is right for planting them. Spray the roots with water to moisten them and then pack them securely in damp peat moss or paper. Place these inside a plastic bag and store it in a refrigerator. You can also store them in an unheated place for the winter, but make sure that the cuttings don’t freeze.

After the frost season, usually in early spring, you can now plant your cuttings. Place them in a soil that is tilled, well-drained and moist. Also, make sure that the location gets enough sun and air circulation so the plants can flourish. You can also choose to plant the cuttings in individual pots or trays first before moving them to their permanent location. This is a good idea for those who live in cold, harsher climates to protect the vines in their early growth. Around two to three weeks, the cuttings will begin to take root.

The last and most vital step is caring for your grape vines. Make sure to water your plants regularly, taking care not to over-water as this can make your plants grow leaves, not fruits. When the cuttings grow new shoots around six inches, it is also important to add fertilizer to your soil. Pruning is also important so that your grape vines will grow healthily and bear fruit.

Growing grapes from cuttings will surely ensure the success of your grape growing venture. Just make sure to follow these steps, and in just a couple of years, you will be able to enjoy the fruits grown from your vineyard.