Growing Concord Grapes: What You Need to Know About This Grape Variety

Among the many grape varieties that you can grow, growing concord grapes is one of the easiest. They are a popular choice among grape growers. This particular variety is known for being very aromatic and has a color that ranges from dark purple to dark blue. Compared to other varieties, they are pretty easy to take care of and their vines are easily trained to grow on a trellis or fence.

History of the Concord Grapes

To give you a little history on this grape variety, it was Ephraim Bull who first began growing concord grapes back in 1849 in Concord, Massachusetts. He had planted and evaluated thousands of vitis labrusca seedlings, until he found what he thought of as the perfect grape. Up to now, it is said that the original vine continues to grow in his former home. 1854 marks the date it was first introduced to the market and it was in 1869 when Dr. Thomas Welch concocted the first concord grape juice. Until now, Welch continues to use concord grapes for making juice.

Typically, these grapes are used in making grape jelly, grape juice and even grape flavored soft drinks. They are occasionally used as table grapes, but because of their large seeds, they are not as popular as the seedless varieties in this aspect. They are also used to produce wine, traditionally producing wine with a sweet finish. Dry wine can also be made from concord grapes if they are ripened adequately.

Concord Grape Growing

Similar to other grape varieties, you need good exposure to sunlight in growing concord grapes. This variety is not very choosy when it comes to soil though, which makes it a favorite among home gardeners. Like other grapes, you need to plant them in an area with good drainage to avoid vegetative growth. Pruning, weeding and pest control must be done for them to grow healthily. You also need to construct a trellis system to support the fruits they bear.

Another great thing about concord grape growing is that they can easily adapt to cooler climates. The reason for this is that they typically ripen before the winter season. It has also been discovered that they are very healthy for people; these grapes have antioxidant properties that lower the risk of having heart diseases.

Each year, around 400,000 tons of concord grapes are produced commercially. The national market continues to increase its demand for these sweet, juicy grapes, which is why this is a great time to start planting them.

For anyone wanting to start their grape growing endeavor, growing concord grapes can be a great way to start. With its versatility, hardiness and ability to adapt to different conditions, they are truly a popular variety. Any home grower will find them a great choice of grape to plant in their backyard.