Planting and Growing Grapes: Important Factors to Consider

If you have some available land with rich, organic soil that has good drainage, why not grow grapes? Although in a smaller scale than big, productive vineyards out there, many people have actually been successful in planting and growing grapes in their own home, with some even venturing into making wine. As the basis for most of the world’s wine, growing grapes can be quite an investment, as the demand for good quality wine has not waned. Probably because there’s simply nothing like sipping fine quality wine at the end of the day as you relax with a couple of friends.

Though many have tried making wine with other fruits, nothing beats the rich, heady wine made from juicy, succulent grapes. They simply have the best properties to produce wine, such as strong flavors, great amounts of fermentable sugar and a rich, distinctive aroma that simply adds to one’s wine drinking experience. The best part is, drinking wine made from grapes is quite healthy, as long as one drinks in moderation that is and not excessively. Grapes have naturally occurring antioxidant properties that have actually been shown to decrease one’s risk of cancer and also lower your blood pressure.

When planting and growing grapes, a very important factor is choosing the cultivar or grape variety you will grow. With over five thousand types of grape varieties that include hybrids, however do you choose which to plant? It’s a good idea to ask your local nursery, agricultural center or some local vintners what grape varieties flourish in the area. Some cultivars grow best in hot climates, while others thrive in cooler locations. You can also do a little bit of market research, to see what’s in demand in your location. You want to make sure that you can have a good return in your investment.

Another essential thing to do before planting your grapes is to have your soil sampled to make sure it is ideally suited for growing grapes. As it is your goal to have abundant yields of delicious grapes every season, it is very important to achieve excellent soil conditions, as poor soil conditions directly affect your plants’ ability to produce good crops. Checking your soil’s nutrient and pH level, ensuring efficient drainage and having a good depth of usable soil—around thirty to forty inches, are very important factors to ensure success in growing marketable grapes.

You must also make sure that you can set aside enough time and effort to tend to your growing grapes. Cover crops are important to ensure that your vineyard is protected from weed and animal pests. They can also prevent extreme soil erosion and can even provide extra nutrients for your plants. Other essential factors are pruning, row positioning, building a trellis and knowing the right time to harvest your crops.